Business development is changing in the digital age

At Digital Radar we pride ourselves on being AdWords certified gurus and we stay current on everything that may impact the customer experience, for our clients. Key moments throughout a consumers day-to-day activities are redefining purchase intents. These micro-moments mean business development efforts as marketers need to evolve! Consumers want immediate results that are frictionless.

Things have changed...

Remember when we would plug in our internet modem into the telephone line and wait behind a dial tone before connecting to the internet? Today users no longer “go” online, it’s where they live. Day in and day out, from the second we wake up and check our emails to when our alarms are set at night, we are constantly connected. This has caused the purchasing process to change. 

Tip: Google studies have shown that a user is 18% less likely to trust a business if they do not have an impressive online presence. Ask us how your digital ecosystem stacks up here.

To start growing your business..

You must be online. By having your company online, you are able to reach and be found by your ideal customers, display your products and services, meet customer needs and overall grow your business like never before. In order to achieve this, as a company you need to meet customer demands by having a high quality and top performing website. This is why having a reputable online presence is one of the most important investments you can make for your business. our company's website is the new store front - it’s always on and open for business. Which means your website’s content is key. This needs to be kept in mind. Your site should have updated and fresh content to keep users engaged and coming back for more. Along with content, having a clear path to navigate through the site so users can find what they want, when they want it is critical to eliminate friction.

Tip: Google studies have shown that a user is willing to wait 3 seconds for a page to load. Can you keep up? Test your website’s page load speed here.

What does this mean for business owners?

Our customers can be met where they live and can be marketed to more effectively. There are a plethora of avenues to attract new clients and share our products. Capturing our ideal audience as they are actively searching for our products is a reality. We can spike interest in our services through videos and text ads. Or use animated display ads to lure customers to purchase more. We can even remind our previous customers what they love so much about working with us through remarketing and encourage they come back. The possibilities are endless.

Make a lasting impact

Brand loyalty is a thing of the past. Users care more about simplicity that meets their immediate needs. Our focus needs to be to engage with our customers in the moments that truly matter. The moments when we turn to our smartphones for help making the right decision or completing a task. Google refers to these as micro-moments, and they have created an opportunity to connect with consumers in new and exciting ways. In these moments, customers are more likely to respond to relevant advertising. There are many ways a user can connect with a brand, and Google has different ad platforms that help that along, with the exception of messaging... until now. As of last year, over half of the trillions of searches made on Google happen on smartphones. We can now use click-to-message ads on Google AdWords to expand our reach, influence and bring consumers back into the purchasing journey.

Tying it all together

Online marketing is crucial for businesses because it directly affects the way consumers make purchasing decisions. On Google alone there are trillions of searches made every year. That’s an endless amount of potential customers looking for businesses just like yours. This makes for an excellent opportunity to deploy a new marketing strategy. We no longer need to waste money on yellow page ads that get used as paper weights to thousands of people who aren’t interested! And these traditional methods are not quantifiable... Instead, by running online ads we can capture the right audience while they are actively looking for your service, gain invaluable insight and use that data to optimize our advertising strategy. When running campaigns on Google AdWords, we are able to reach our audience directly and more effectively than ever before.

Ready to get started?

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