Mini-Blog: The Power of Inbound Marketing

A revolution is taking place…

We are now exposed to 5,000 brand messages a day, as opposed to 500 in the 1970s; that’s a 900% increase. With that much exposure, it’s understandable that consumers are beginning to be turned off by the interruptive nature of outbound marketing. And I get it, my two-year old can identify more brand logos than she can shapes.

But a revolution is taking place—a digital revolution! We have gone from junk mail, to spam mail, and print ads to banner ads. Because of this massive shift and the fluid change of trends in the marketplace, consumers are overwhelmed by choice and have a greater ability than ever to be able to ‘unsubscribe’ from the advertisements. This transformation is leaving a lot of businesses in fear of coming off like the mall kiosk sales people; the kind that pounce at a passerby that so much as glance in their direction.

But here’s where I disagree… I think that people want to be sold to, they want some direction on things that can make their lives easier, they just don’t want to be interrupted by it. And with Google on their side, consumers are educating themselves on their buying choices, and thus the old tactics no longer carry as much weight in the marketplace. So, what can we do as marketers?

The whole purpose of inbound marketing is to meet the customers where they are. We are no longer the stage five clinger of the sales world.

It is our job as marketers to no longer be the slimy salesman, but the trusted friend. And we can do that by providing guidance toward making specific buying decisions, while building trust as thought leaders in our industry.

don’t be this marketer…

I am here to help you break down the four simple steps to understand inbound marketing.

1.     ATTRACT new people to your business.

You want to turn strangers into visitors. You can do this by using blogs, social media, and SEO.  53% of marketers say blogs are their top inbound marketing priority and 88% of businesses are using social media to interact with consumers.

(Find out more about how to get the most out of your social media here)

2.     CONVERT those new visitors into leads.

Once you’ve captivated the visitor with your knowledge, bravado, and generosity, send them to a landing page where they can learn more; guide the reader down a path through your site. Set up a clear call to action that lets your new friend know what the next step is to purchase your product. Or let the customer just drop in and say hi or find out more on their own time through a contact form. But remember, if they are generous enough to give you their information, that means they want to hear more from you, so reciprocate that generosity and provide unique answers and information that they can’t find online.

3.     CLOSE the sale.

For a lot of salespeople, this step can seem like the most intimidating part. And maybe it was before inbound marketing came along, but if you’ve been following these steps, closing the sale will come naturally. You’ve already proven yourself to be a trustworthy companion, and your followers look to you for solutions. You’ve been sending out emails to continue engaging with your contacts, and tracking data through your CRM database, so you are ready!

(To ease the concern of the closing process further-check out this guide)

4. And finally, continue to DELIGHT the customer.

Send out surveys to ask them what they think about your product or service, and if they have any suggestions; make them a part of the process rather than just a paycheck. Continue to deliver trustworthy and useful content and continue to listen to what people are saying about your brand and your competitor’s brand online and on social media.

With these four simple steps in your back pocket, you will be able to rocket your business into the digital age. So, go forth, and create something meaningful.

We have also created a four-part series that will deep dive into each step of the process in order to craft you into an inbound marketing superhero. Tune in each Thursday to find out more about past trends, future trends, and how to maximize each step in your business. Sign up to get email reminders of all the juicy info we have for you!


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