Our Team...



We are hungry, rebellious marketers obsessed with giving our clients a uniquely transparent experience & quantifying everything... from your baseline to your results to how many tacos we consume daily - it's on our mind all the time.

We were once Fortune 100 marketing leaders, who grew increasingly frustrated by the experiences we had with different agencies "faking digital". It's easy to see when you know what to look for. Being expert digital marketers with a passion for people and an appreciation for integrity, we knew that we could do it better, for much less. We experienced many heartaches with agencies who tried to be something they were not. Which is why we are intently focused on only digital.

Our Promise To You

Digital Radar is a marketing agency that views your online marketing from a 360 degree perspective, which provides actionable insights through a transparent and collaborative relationship grounded in clear, quantifiable results. In other words, we will use data to grow your business.

We'll take your digital marketing to new heights - that's our promise to you.

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Digital Marketing Is Complicated,

but Our methodology is simple...

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If we're being honest, the only thing "tradition" is good for would be celebrating Thanksgiving... We're not traditional marketers, we see the world differently. We see a better way... one that understands our clients needs, gains a profound understanding of their audiences needs, then devises a scientific, measurable approach to engaging your customers where they are.

digital radar marketing methodology


Your needs make you... you. No two businesses go to market the same, and we celebrate that by conducting a thorough discovery process at the beginning of each engagement.


We know a thing or two about digital marketing, and this is where we really flex our muscles. We take inputs gathered in the Discovery phase, and craft a strategic approach to digital marketing based on your needs, goals, and metrics that are most important to you.


This is where the rubber meets the road. Merging discovery with strategy, we devise a custom-developed digital marketing plan that is specifically suited to meet your needs... then we go live.



After the deployment of any initiative, there is corresponding data that indicates success or failure. Either can deliver a learning, and a learning from a success is equally as important as a learning from a failure. Either way, this data is used to calibrate future iterations of customer experiences.


If "Learning" is the pay dirt, then the iterations are the gold nuggets. We'll work with you to understand what worked, what didn't, and devise new treatments and experiences specifically designed for improved performance.