Nate Meadows | Chief Brand & Creative Officer

Nate Meadows | Digital Radar Marketing Agency

Nate meadows

Nate Meadows is passionate about digital marketing and holds a reputation for blazing new trails and producing big results. As Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer for Digital Radar, Nate works with some of the world’s largest businesses to improve their digital marketing strategies and company branding. He is a graduate of American Military University and holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts.

His experience in the United States Air Force gives Nate the unique ability to develop marketing programs that reach the right customers with the perfect message at a time when they are ready to buy. His talents to expand a company’s brand through strategic positioning and rebellious marketing make Nate one of the most sought-after professionals in the industry.

In his free time, Nate loves spending time with his wife, teenage daughters, and two awesome Australian Shepherds. He also enjoys searching for the best hot spots for coffee and tacos and all things aviation.

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Danielle Petty | Chief Client Relations

Danielle Petty | Digital Radar Marketing Agency

danielle petty

Danielle has worked face-to-face with high-end clientele and premiere businesses in marketing and sales for the last 10 years. Skilled in a web development and computer programming. While finishing her Bachelors Degree in Computer Science at Arizona State University, she has held several leadership positions within her career.

Most recently, Danielle was at Google in their Google Ads (AdWords) department. Danielle’s role at Google focused primarily on agency development and support. Scaling thousands of marketing agencies by a number of different means, such as trade shows, conventions, webinars, live events, sales and Google Ads (AdWords) trainings. During her first year at Google, she broke a record for the highest client sales of the quarter, working on campaigns that were spending upwards of $1 million a month. She was later elected to become a part of Google’s travel team, where she traveled across the U.S. conducting informational seminars with the agencies she supported.


Steve Neigut | Chief SEM Officer

Steve Neigut  | Digital Radar Marketing Agency

steve neigut

Steve is a successful entrepreneur with several start-up businesses, and has a background in web development, tactical marketing strategy, and cryptocurrency advisement.

Most recently, Steve worked at Google within their Google Ads (AdWords) department. Steve’s role at Google as a senior account strategist had him working across thousands of different industries from mom and pops brick and mortar locations to fortune 500 international businesses. The details of his work included, building a cohesive, creative marketing strategy, market research, quantitative analysis, regular account management, continuous data optimizations, training + teaching CEOs and marketers how to use and be successful utilizing the platform Google Ads(AdWords) .

As a tenured Google representative on the agency level who worked his way up in the ranks by outperforming his peers consistently on a quarter over quarter basis and remained in the top 5 strategist in the western division for over a year.