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Stop Guessing and Start Knowing

One of the undeniably valuable characteristics of digital marketing is it's ability to quantify everything. Data and analytics is your crystal ball. Not sure how to read it? We can help.


An astonishing number of companies and marketers today either aren't using their marketing data to make decisions, are using the wrong marketing data to make decisions, or are not tying data from different channels together to create a cohesive narrative. When is the last time you saw an email marketing report that had lead generation or conversion data also included? Seriously, we want to know.

Data fuels future growth, and your company need the right tools and expertise to unlock narratives that will more effectively connect with your audience, resulting in more profitable engagements, enhanced brand equity, and increased customer loyalty.

Digital Radar has over 30 years of experience using digital analytics to derive insights to drive growth. How can we help you?


Our Approach to Digital Analytics



Attracting people to your digital properties is foundational to any effective approach to digital marketing, and we're not just talking about your website either. Your blog, social media properties, and website are all effective channels we can help you leverage to engage your discrete audiences on their turf.


Have you ever wondered what people do when they get to your website, social media page, or any other digital property? Good. So have we. Profiling and quantifying online user behaviors is one of the most insightful, and valuable activities we can do as marketers. Not sure where to start? It's OK. This isn't our first rodeo.


Do you know which actions on your website result in sales or sales opportunities? Are you measuring them & using that data to inform how other marketing activities are contributing to your opportunity pipeline? If not, you should be, and we can get you there.


Just because someone has purchased something from you doesn't mean you get to stop marketing to them. Studies have shown that it takes somewhere between five and 25x the investment to get a new customer compared to keeping an existing one. Enter: Digital Radar's re-engagement strategies,


Looking for answers? 

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Reporting and dashboards

Report and visualization of your data and analytics has a huge impact on your ability to extract meaningful insights.

In the analysis of marketing data, it's important to link data across all phases of the buyer journey and customer lifecycle and your analytics is the engine that will get you there.

We're talking about marrying data from web analytics platforms with CRM platforms, ERP platforms, and even customer service platforms to create a truly unique-to-your business perspective on how marketing impacts your business from end-to-end. 

How does your data look?


always be testing 



Running a robust testing strategy is arguably the most effective, fastest way to drive incremental improvements in the performance of your marketing in any channel. Guess what that does for sales? 

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Take action and use the gift of data