We deliver breakthrough marketing.

No really... that's more than just a motto - it's our #battlecry.

15 years ago, everyone was telling you that you need to get "outside of the box" to have original ideas. Now, everyone is outside of the box, and what do we have? The #NewNorm. 

We've gotten back in the box, strapped 15,000 lbs. of rocket fuel to it and shot it into space. While everyone is still debating whether they're in the box or out of the box, we're out of this world. Where do you want your marketing to go?

Certified Social Media Marketing Digital Marketing Agency - Digital Radar

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Imagine what it would feel like to have your brand be your agency's center of attention.

We were in your shoes once... frustrated with the lackluster digital capabilities of high-profile, go-to marketing agencies both on a regional and national level, we decided that you deserve better.

You are marketing in a world where consumer expectations are higher than ever, and there are oodles and oodles of data about your customers to help you market more effectively.

The trick is, tying it all together. We have developed a unique methodology to help frame up your approach to create a uniquely-you perspective of how your customers want you to engage with them, where, when, and how. We'd love to put this methodology to work for you.

This is our plan for world domination, one data-driven success after the next.

we call Ohio & Arizona home.

Digital Radar's marketing team lives, plays and works in Ohio and Arizona - but we're present everywhere. That's the whole premise of being #digital. While other agencies are building offices all over the place, we think we'd rather have less overhead to better serve our clients. Makes sense, right? Instead of overcharging our clients to help pay for our trendy cool pads - we simply focus on creative breakthrough results for the big and little fishes of the business world.

Our focus is centered around thinking broader in ways that strategically push our clients outside of their comfort zone to deliver real, meaningful and quantifiable results.


Our #PinkyPromise To You

Too often we see agencies who are afraid of giving away too much in fear the prospect or client will not need their "paid" services. Imagine if your agency was confident and transparent enough to give you everything you needed to be successful - with or without them. Don't get us wrong. Long-term partnerships are what keep our coffee pots full... but...

our main focus is and always will be building a relationship on trust, transparency, and of course, quantifiable marketing results