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Content is the present and future of marketing.


your (potential) customers want more than just products, they want a story


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Content management

Do you know how much and what types of content assets you have? The foundation to any content marketing is taking an inventory of your content.  That inventory leads to the next step of auditing that content to determine the types of assets available - video vs images.  Another output of a content audit is the category of content, does it contain and efficacy message or is it related to one product type versus another. This organization is fundamental to successful strategic implementation.

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Content Distribution

"If you build it they will come,"is not a euphemism that applies to content marketing.  Getting content to the right person, at the right place and right time is critical.  We will help you distribute and promote your content beyond your website through social media, paid search and many other channels. At this stage your editorial calendar becomes a central piece of the strategy to map the dissemination of your content.


Feeling lost?

Mapping The Course

for content distribution

three key types of media


  • Pay per click advertising
  • Banner advertising
  • Email


  • Ratings and reviews
  • Social network posts and sharing of content
  • Professional editorial or blog posts


  • Blog
  • Social media brand pages
  • SEO

Come with us to navigate the content seas and find the buried treasure


There are many elements to properly executing a content strategy.  

Get a leg up, or maybe an ear up on the competition.  Competitive content analysis is a primary input to your strategy - knowing Who, What, Where and When conversations are taking place.


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